Manuscript Preparation

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1. Article type requirements

The journal accepts Chinese and English manuscripts of research papers, research letters and reviews.

2. Manuscript content requirements

The content of the manuscript includes the field of high-pressure physics and its related interdisciplinary subjects. Research papers should be highly innovative; research letters should have important pioneering results; reviews should provide strong foresight and guidance, and be written by teams that have done important related work in the field. The theoretical and computational articles should combine with experiments as much as possible, and the theoretical analysis of the experimental articles should have sufficient depth and physical connotations.

3. Manuscript format requirements

(1) Please refer to Template of Chinese Journal of High Pressure Physics (with hyperlinks) for manuscript format. Please log in to the "Author Center" ( on the website of the journal to submit your manuscript online.

(2) Contributions must have clear arguments, reliable arguments, accurate data, rigorous logic, concise words, and clear diagrams. The length of the paper is not limited, please use the legal measurement unit of the People's Republic of China.

(3) Manuscript should provide the introduction of the first author and the corresponding author (name, year of birth, gender, title, degree, research direction, etc.), as well as necessary contact information (mailing address, postal code, telephone number, e-mail, etc.). Please indicate the funded project of the work (funded project name and approval number). 

(4) The title of the manuscript should be within 20 words. The figures and tables in the text should be self-explanatory. All figure titles, legends, and all table titles, table notes must be in Chinese and English. The text in the figures and tables should be in English. Try to provide vector graphics (such as eps, emf, wmf, ai, cdr, etc.).

(5) The Chinese and English abstracts should be written in the third person, and the language should be concise. The abstract is required to have the same amount of main information as the main part of the manuscript, including four elements, namely research purposes, methods, results and conclusions. The abstract is for the purpose of providing the outline of the paper, comment and explanation of the content of the pape are not allowed. The Chinese abstract should be between 200 and 400 words, and the English abstract should be no less than 120 notional words, The Chinese and English abstracts should correspond. In order to facilitate the inclusion in international databases, special characters (various mathematical symbols, subscripts, and Greek letters) and mathematical expressions composed of special characters should be avoided in the English abstract. The first sentence should not be a repeat of the title. Try to use short sentences and avoid monotony. Use the past tense to describe the main work, the present tense to describe the conclusion. Try to use the active voice instead of the passive voice.

(6) References should be public publications. Please fully cite the references, that is, the number of citations should not be too few,  and try to cite recent highly corresponding domestic and foreign literature. Please follow the national standard of the People's Republic of China GB/T 7714-2015 and use the sequential coding system for citation. Chinese references must be accompanied by English references (if English version exists), and the bibliographic items should be complete.

4. Copyright Transfer Agreement

Authors should ensure the independence of the copyright of the article, Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Authors takes all responsibility for the text. Submissions must be unpublished, original in content, and must not duplicate previously published content. The manuscript will be rejected if this is not the case. All accepted manuscripts must sign a copyright transfer agreement with the editorial department. The first author should ensure that all authors have no objection to the authorship of the article. Accepted manuscripts will not be published until the copyright transfer agreement has been received.

5. Confidentiality Review

Contributions must not involve the state and the unit's secrets. Please attach the unit's confidentiality review comments when submitting the manuscript. The review result should be signed by the reviewer and stamped with the official seal.

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