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Founded in Sep., 1987 and sponsored by the Topical Committee of High Pressure, the Chinese Physical Society, the Chinese Journal of High Pressure Physics is a specialized academic journal devoted to studies and investigations in high pressure physics, with its editing and publishing conducted by the Institute of Fluid Physics, the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics.

Aims and Scopes:

The Chinese Journal of High Pressure Physics aims to present the latest scientific and technological results, promotes Sino-foreign academic exchange and cooperation, raise and recommend the Chinese young and middle-aged talents, thereby contributing to the development of high pressure physics research in China.

Contents of the Journal:

The Chinese Journal of High Pressure Physics publishes articles covering dynamical and static high pressure technologies; synthesis of new materials; mechanical, optical, electrical and magnetic characteristics of materials; microstructure of material phase transformation, equation of state, measuring techniques in dynamical and static high pressure, etc.

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