Submission Instructions

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1. Manuscripts should be written in clear and fluent Chinese or English within a 6000~8000 word limit, with theses, arguments, results, etc., well and consistently organized, presented, illustrated, and supported by solid data. Authors can submit articles to our journal online by logging on to the Chinese Journal of High-pressure Physics, following the format as shown in the recently published issues of our journal.

2. Authors hold full responsibility for all the legal matters concerned that may result from contents in their manuscript.

3. Article titles should be limited to within 20 words. Figures and tables should be self-evident, with captions, illustrations, notes, etc. written both in Chinese and English.

4. In cases where a manuscript is co-authored, the lead author should ensure that all the authors agree to the author list. He should also provide information concerning the lead author and the corresponding author, with funding sources and academic significances concisely specified.

5. Authors take full responsibility for any possible consequences that may arise from the manuscripts' copyright, plagiarism, duplicate submission, etc.

6. Our journal is entitled to the full copyright of the manuscripts once they are accepted for publication.

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