Volume 31 No. 3
Apr.  2017
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Macro- and Micro-Damage Behaviors of 47Zr45Ti5Al3V Alloy in Hypervelocity Impact

  • Corresponding author: Zi-Zheng GONG, gongzz@263.net
  • Received Date: 2016-11-07
    Accepted Date: 2016-12-23
  • To assess the suitability of 47Zr45Ti5Al3V alloy used in the future spacecraft in a space debris environment, we performed single and repeated hypervelocity impact experiments on a laser driven mini-flyer system.The crater depth in the recovered target was measured by a surface profile meter.The relationship between the crater depth and the velocity of flyer and the relevance of the crater depth and impact frequency were obtained.We also studied the microstructural changes and micro-damage behaviors of 47Zr45Ti5Al3V alloy using a scanning electron microscope and a transmission electron microscope.The results show that there are no micro-cracks, micro-voids, adiabatic shear bands or dynamic recrystallization in the region adjacent to the crater.In addition, the X-ray diffraction pattern of the bottom of the crater reveals that α and β phases coexist and αβ phase transition occurs, suggesting that the 47Zr45Ti5Al3V alloy exhibits good characteristics of structural stability and mechanical properties after hypervelocity impact, and it is a potential structural material for improving protection against orbital debris impacts on the future spacecraft.
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